About Us


Karbonshark is a motion picture company located in Los Angeles, California that is focused on producing and distributing feature length films that have the power to influence change and motivate people to action. Our movies can be found on video on demand (VOD) including premium cable and satellite television networks, online retailers, as well as at brick and mortar retailers plus hundreds of other sales platforms and services in territories throughout the world.

Our Mission


We believe it's a great gift to be willing and able to see the world from a variety of perspectives and that true leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they didn’t think were possible. We’ve learned that emotional and social intelligence are competencies that we should always be developing and that having an evolutionary attitude and being self aware can guide you through the relationship between success and failure. Our ultimate goal is to move the world through filmmaking. We’re in search of ground-breaking stories and those needing a platform to speak out.